Simon de Raadt

D2C Supply Chain from China

About Simon

The red line through Simon’s career is cross-border E-commerce logistics from and to China. Ever since moving to China in 2011 he started working on projects related to sourcing, logistics and E-commerce. From the beginning that China started to participate in global E-commerce the game has never been the same. Over the years Simon has been active in various BD roles ranging from postal, custom clearance, fulfillment and small parcel logistics.

The next upcoming trend is fulfillment directly from China to the end consumer. With shipping orders out of China there are numerous advantages, but still unknown for global DTC brands. It is time to shake up the industry again and leverage a sustainable supply chain directly from the source to the end consumer skipping unnecessary steps in between. He can’t doing this himself and the strong ATEM network will enable to make this dream a reality. A dream to create a sustainable and compliant supply chain from China.