Clarice Mara

Cross Border eCommerce Expert Brazil

About Clarice

With over 25 years of experience, I am a Brazilian expert in cross-border eCommerce, specializing in customer behavior, marketing, small-parcel logistics, eCommerce, and cross-border legislation.

During my time at the Brazilian Postal Office – Correios (2004-2021), I focused on domestic and international parcel delivery. Since leaving Correios, I have been actively working on the future of Brazilian cross-border eCommerce, developing and implementing innovative cross-border projects with partners.

My expertise lies in the Brazilian market, specifically in national and international eCommerce, small-parcel logistics, marketing and operation of services, consumer behavior, qualitative/quantitative research, and statistics.

I hold a degree in Business Administration (UFU), an MBA in Commercial Management (FGV) and Public Management (UFU), and an MSc in Business Administration (UFU), with a focus on B2B Consumer Behavior. I possess strong skills in agile methodologies, people leadership, customer and partner relationships, market data analysis, product and process design, and teaching.