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One stop eCommerce Cross Border Gateway Solutions


ATEM Group is an international group of industry experts with expertise with cross border gateway solutions, logistics, operations and solutions to help you scale your brand and into new trade lanes, globally.

About Us


ATEM Group offers the below solutions to work with you that will add value, create impact, optimise business change, and add significant value.

Strategy & Sales

One stop eCommerce Cross Border Gateway Solutions​

Operations & Tech

eCommerce and Supply Chain Consultancy

Marketing & Communciations

Pr, Communciations, and Digital media solutions

What We do


In ATEM, our focus is to optimise your business performance by bringing right experts – People, Processes and Systems together to improve effectiveness and efficiency and deliver results – Simple.

Strategy & Sales

We are a B2B consultancy and agency delivering strategic and creative business development solutions to the global logistics, supply chain, tech, and retail industries

Operations & Tech

Our team of operations and tech We are a B2B consultancy and agency delivering strategic and creative business development solutions to the global logistics, supply chain, tech, and retail industries

Marketing & Digital Media

Our in house brand IDX are a team of global cretatives and influencers engage with audiences globally through strategic campaigns, developing creative and digital solutions from content to video for our clients, worldwide

Solutions -What we offer

Our Service

Commercial sales

Connect clients and partners with global supply chain next-gen leaders & innovators


We build strategies to develop new, existing and help support your business into new expanding markets

Operational Suppport

Connect with emerging and robust digital soltions

e-Commerce Strategy

Develop revolutionary eCommerce logistics solutions

Tech & FIntech

Leverage technology to improve efficiency, compliance, business automation, and scalability


Create an ecosystem of collaborative partnerships


In ATEM, we offer a one-stop platform of experts that offer bespoke, commercial and strategic consultancy across the supply chain ecosystem.

We do this by embedding the Groups growing pool of high-skilled independent experts, and the process of matchmaking evolves within project evaluation and executions stage. With this methodology and improvement implementations, Atem Group team of neutral experienced and forward-thinking consultants drive immediate impact and accelerate sustainable operational change.

Atem Group typically engages with executives and their teams across procurement, operational, and logistics functions to drive out challenges, gaps, inefficiencies for their customer and shareholder value.


Meet the Experts

Rudee Bertie

Co-Founder | Non Executive Director | Advisor

Sheragime Keshavarzian

Co-Founder | Global CMO & Director | Marketing Advisor

Mirja Nissen

eCommerce and Supply Chain Veteran

Justus Klüver – Schlotfeldt

eCommerce Consultant - Germany

Rod Talbot - Singapore

eCommerce Consultant

Peter Whitfield

Logistics Strategy Consultant - USA

Thomas Roggendorf

Founder & CEO of Roggendorf Management Group N.V.

Sam Okpro

Owner & Managing Director, PRO Air Cargo Consulting

Clarice Mara

Cross Border eCommerce Expert - Brazil

Gary Caroll


Sam Samara

Founder / Managing Director

Glen Ford

Postal, ecommerce, transportation expert

RS Baskkaran Radhakrishnan

Supply Chain & Logistics Transformation Experts - Malaysia

Mandy Deakin-Snell

Supply Chain Customer Solutions – UK and Europe

Torben Lenhart

eCommerce Fulfillment Expert - Germany

Marlon Ramirez

New Consultant

Simon de Raadt

D2C Supply Chain from China

Kitty Wang

New Consultant

Marc Papenhoff

New Consultant

Darren Asker

New Consultant

Marie Hamblin

Supply Chain Transformation Consultant

Chris Cooke

Strategy Consultant

Gavin Homer

Global Freight Forwarding Expert

Jason Li

eCommerce Consultant

Keisi Mezzini

PA to ATEM Group Board and NeX Network

Tereta Hui

Marketing & Digital Coordinator


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